Popular Songs

The collision of the two elements, music & lyrics, collide

to make some of the most memorable pop songs.

A magical mix of talent

Currently, there are great songwriters across North America that don't get exposure. Major music publishing Companies that sign great and talented writers, compete for control of the publishing market by maintaining a strong catalog of copyrighted works.

Writers have to seek out creative ways to fulfill their commitments and expand their catalogs. Placements are tougher to achieve due to the shifting of the digital tides, as well as the new music industry structure.

Producers / Composers

Producers, Beatmakers and Composers are everywhere on diferent websites. Saturating the attention with the good, the bad and the wtf! Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) make eny and everybody a so called producer.

Writers / Lyricists

Writers/Lyricists paint the images and draw emotions through common experiences, making songs personal to the listener or expressing unique and new ideas. Some write lyrics without music and find ways to skillfully apply them to Composers tracks. There is more than one way to bring these two elements together and Collabo Pros has the solution.