About Us

Collabo Pros

Collabo Pros is a web application designed to engage music composers (Producers) and song writers (Lyricists) in a collaboration environment. The platform will have different iterations and upgrades in order to maximize the user experience.etc.).
STAGE 1: Collab between Composers and Writers
Composers and Writers will signup for CollaboPros on the front end web portal. Once membership is approved, Composers will upload their original compositions to be previewed, in part only, by potential writers. If the writer decides to write to any track they must apply for the collaboration. Once the collaboration is approved, the portal will present an interface that includes the full composition version of the Track. Once the song is completely written, the platform will generate the required forms for all collaborators to sign.
STAGE 2: Music Industry Personnel
Music industry professionals (A&Rs, Music Publishers, Film and Television music supervisors, etc.), will be able to login and preview exclusive finished works for placement with artists, TV, film and more.
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