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The collision of the two elements, music & lyrics, collide to make some of the most memorable hit songs.


The Real Story Behind One Hit Wonders

There are great songwriters everywhere that don't get the attention and exposure they need. Overconsumption of writers by music publishers is an indication that they are moving more towards quantity to dominate and control the publishing market over competitors.

Writers have to seek out creative ways to fulfill their commitments and expand their catalogs. Placements are tougher to achieve, due to the shifting of the digital tides as well as record label restructuring. We are providing a simple solution to this problem.

Hit Songmakers

Displaced from major Music Industry Opportunities

Producers / Composers
Writers / Lyricists

Collabo Solution...

We've created a Community Portal for commercial songwriters, with or without music publisher affiliation, who want to collaborate with other writers.

It has become difficult for some of the most talented songwriters to find collaborators when it is collaborations that make unique creative combinations, new trends and music development as a whole. Without administrative assistance it's virtually impossible.

Collabo Pros was created with the vision of bridging together writers and composers in an interactive collaboration framework.

Composers / Producers

Composers/Producers set the pace of songs through establishing the foundational characteristics of the music as orchestrated. In many ways, how a track is composed sets the stage for the melody, cadences and attitude of a potential song, making the task for the lyricist much easier.

Writers / Lyricists

Writers/Lyricists paint the images onto the musical composition canvas. They draw emotions through common experiences, making songs personal to the listener or sometimes just engaging imagination of new things.

Some Writers/Lyricists also write lyrics without music and find ways to skillfully apply them to Composers tracks. There is more than one way to bring these two elements together and Collabo Pros has the solution.

Helping Songwriters Work Together